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Brand positioning Hooidammer cheese

Simon Lévelt retail concept

A retail concept for a specialty coffee brand

Little Cow & Cookies

New ice cream brand and products

Mitsuba zeewier snack

Innovation trajectory for Asian snacking

Legends, telling teas

As many stories can be told about tea as about wine. That is the central concept of this new tea brand.

Pickwick Leafs

Repositioning and redesign of Pickwick leafs.

The Fruit bakers

A new b-to-b brand that will co-create new fruit bead innovation with retail partners.

Bravo Foods

A folkloristic brand story for Bravo foods.

Rudolph’s Bakery Blokker

Household retailer Blokker and TV program Rudolph's Bakery wanted to create an assortment of cooking tools. Marielle Bordewijk gave advice on the composition of the assortment and developed a packaging grid.

Bongastate, sheep yoghurt

A brand story about new herder ship, brought alive via logo and packaging design

Leev, full of nature

Development of a new brand of natural foods with an innovative product assortment and a recognizable packaging design.

Pickwick Elements

Inspired by witches, this concept has been developed by the taste, look and feel of nature's four elements.

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Food designer Marielle Bordewijk designs and develops products, concepts and brands in food. For big and small food companies in production, retail and food service.