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Food design & packaging

Food and packaging belong together. That's why Marielle Bordewijk always designs them together.

Design = giving meaning to material, creating identity.

With food design you can always eat or drink the actual material. Shape, taste, texture, , sound, smell and colour – these are the six sensory components Marielle Bordewijk uses in its design work. Each element must make sense and contribute to a coherent story. Because the consumer must realise directly what kind of food or drink s/he is dealing with, and why s/he should buy it. After all, this is not just any product. You swallow it, it will become part of you!

The actual product is the starting point. You create emotion and recognition with it. But often, the product is not lone standing, and then packaging, brand and communication play an important role too. They need to form a strong ensemble. That ensemble is the concept.

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Food designer Marielle Bordewijk designs and develops products, concepts and brands in food. For big and small food companies in production, retail and food service.