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a better food future
trough design thinking,
innovation and trend forecasting.

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Food designer Marielle Bordewijk develops and designs new products, concepts and brands in food. Strategic, sustainable and creative.

Food innovation

With our unique method, we come to impactful innovation in food together.

Food Trends & Innovatie

Food trends & inspiration

Trends in food make the start of innovation. So inspire yourself and prepare for future!

Merk & Concept Ontwikkeling

Food concepts & brands

Great brands and concepts give products and formulas purpose and power.

Food Design & Packaging

Food design & packaging

Food and packaging belong together, that’s why we design them holistically.


A selection of our projects.


Brand positioning Hooidammer cheese

Simon Lévelt retail concept

A retail concept for a specialty coffee brand

Little Cow & Cookies

New ice cream brand and products

Mitsuba zeewier snack

Innovation trajectory for Asian snacking

Food trend & innovation blog

Food trends 2023 door Food designer Marielle BordewijkFood Trend & Inspiration

De Food Trends voor 2023

De Food trends voor 2023 Ieder jaar schrijven food trendwatcher Marielle Bordewijk en haar bureau Food By Design een blog over de food trends voor het komend jaar en de…
Food Design & PackagingFood Trend & Inspiration

Food trends for 2019

After extensive research, Studio Bordewijk has identified 5 important food trends for 2019, which will influence our buying, cooking and eating behavior. Here we will some food trend for trends…
Food Trend & Inspiration

Food trends 2018

Studio Bordewijk has defined more than 25 food trends for 2018, that will influence our shopping, cooking and eating behavior in the coming years. We will share five of them…
Food Trend & Inspiration

Food by design – innovation method

Since the beginning of 2017 designer and marketeer Marleen Zaalberg joined forces with Marielle Bordewijk. Together they created the fresh an powerful Food by Design method. We use design thinking…
Food Design & PackagingFood Trend & Inspiration

Montréal Food trends and classics

Montreal is a culinary hotspot in North America. It is famous for its culinary classics but it embraces new food trends also easily. From the old Montreal to the trendy…
Food Trend & Inspiration

foodtrends 2017

Wat will we eat and drink in 2017? What are the food trends 2017? Food trendwatcher Marielle Bordewijk share 5 remarkable trends to come in 2017. Protein rich food in…

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Food designer Marielle Bordewijk designs and develops products, concepts and brands in food. For big and small food companies in production, retail and food service.