Development of a specialty store brand into a retail brand


Simon Lévelt

Simon Lévelt retail concept

Introducing an innovative Coffee Concept by Simon Lévelt: Precious Gemstones

Simon Lévelt is renowned for its premium coffee and tea, primarily sold through their specialty stores and online webshop. However, recognizing the modern consumer’s demand for omni-channel availability, the brand aspired to be present in supermarkets as well.

Food By Design was comissioned with facilitating an innovation process to translate the specialty store brand into a premium and organic supermarket retail concept for Albert Heijn. The result of our inspiring Food Design Thinking journey was the concept of ‘gemstones.’ Just like gemstones, coffees are treasures from the earth, each connected to a specific geographic origin. Moreover, the wide range of stone colors forms a beautiful bridge as an intuitive language of taste.

Given Simon Lévelt’s commitment to sustainability, all coffee is organic, and considerable attention has been given to packaging. The stand-up pouches are aluminum-free and 100% recyclable. Aluminum coffee cups can be returned for recycling at Simon Lévelt’s specialty stores and are certified ‘climate-neutral.’ Learn more at www.climateneutralcertification.com.

Simon Lévelt is a brand with over 200 years of expertise and craftsmanship, which is conveyed through sharing many facts. There is a quote about the taste profiles from their in-house Q-grader, a mention of the slow roasting process in Haarlem, and an explanation of an SCA score of 80+.

Now, coffee lovers can savor the precious flavors of this new coffee collection, conveniently available at the supermarket around the corner.

Graphic design by Lars Wierenga.