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Food trends & inspiration

Watching the trends is the first step, but in the end it is about translating these to your business.

What touches, fascinates and attracts people today when it comes to food and drink? This is where Marielle Bordewijk comes into action. With a deep capacity for empathizing with the consumer, and a sharp intuition for things to come. From Michael Pollan’s real food, local food, slow food, Korean flavours to the super food madness. From profound trends in society to flittering hypes.

In the ongoing Foodture® trend research, Marielle Bordewijk is continuously busy spotting developments in food, retail, catering, packaging and design. The next step is to turn these trends – together with the client – into new concepts.

Read more about her food- and designexpediton, book a trend consult, trend tour in Amsterdam or an inspiring food trend lecture via Speakers Academy.

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Food designer Marielle Bordewijk designs and develops products, concepts and brands in food. For big and small food companies in production, retail and food service.