New ice cream brand and products


Organic Jersey Company

Little Cow & cookies

Welcome to Little Cow & Cookies! A new ice cream brand by the start-up ‘The Organic Jersey Company’. It has been a great adventure to embark on this food design journey and create this new brand and its delicious ice cream with such a dedicated team. We assisted in creating the brand name, positioning, product concept, and flavor directions.

Little Cow & Cookies is an irresistible blend of ice cream made with creamy organic milk from our small, mischievous Jersey cows and unique cookies from European pastry culture. Each flavor has its own story. From Belgian waffles with salted caramel, Dutch stroopwafels with chocolate, French raspberry macaron to sunny lemon meringue.

All ingredients are 100% organic and poured into a biodegradable cup. This can be succinctly summarized as ‘Great taste with a small hoofprint!’

In collaboration with Snow Donut, who designed the packaging in 2D and 3D.