Innovation of Asian snack


Menken Orlando

Mitsuba seaweed crisps

Mitsuba is a young brand with an Asian feel. Their products are inspired by surprising flavors and spices from Asia. In addition to capturing consumer preferences with their current range, they also aim to be the innovator in the Asian snack segment.

Mitsuba saw a unique opportunity in a snack assortment based on the magical ingredient of seaweed. Seaweed is still an untapped ingredient in Europe, while it has played a significant role in Asia for centuries! Mitsuba, the brand with the “vibe of Asia,” can play a fantastic role by bringing seaweed to Europe in a flavorful and accessible way through their popular snacks.

Food by Design was asked to facilitate a food design thinking process to prepare Mitsuba for their next steps. We started by exploring the world of seaweed and discovering its richness. Using our Food-by-Design methodology, we guided Mitsuba through a 5-step innovation process. After formulating a clear strategy, delving deep into the world of seaweed, and presenting inspiring trends, we facilitated an ideation session and began sketching to create different ideacepts.

Seaweed is a traditional ingredient in Asian cuisine. But how do you turn this exotic ingredient into a tasty, crispy, and spicy snack? This resulted in a range of seaweed chips, small umami bombs with the flavors of sea salt, paprika, and wasabi. The snack is plant-based, high in fiber, and made without the use of palm oil and flavor enhancers. Mitsuba was awarded 2nd place by the ISM 2022 jury. According to the jury, these Seaweed Crisps were recognized for their healthy nature, which also contributes to a better world. It’s wonderful to see that the seaweed for this snack is sustainably sourced through a partnership with the Seaweed Company.