Develop a distinctive brand identity for Bravo Foods and a packaging design for a range of rice products.


Bravo Foods

Bravo brand development

Bravo Foods is a trading company of rices, grains and legumes with a strong position in the ethnic channel in the Netherlands. These foods make a perfect base for many meals of Dutch consumers and immigrants. It is the mission of Bravo to connect families, countries and cultures. Dutch who cook Moroccan, Turkish families preparing Indian dishes and Surinam gourmets enjoying Thai cuisine. That is what Bravo wants to make possible. Next to the best selling Turkish rice Tosyha Pirinc, Bravo wanted to introduce a line of 4 sorts of premium rice. Therefore a range was created with a friendly look and feel. The color use is authentic and a little folkloristic. The patterns on the packaging are composed by many grains of rice, all positioned on the pack one by one.

Each variant is available in a 1 kilogram and a 4 kilogram pack. With this new packaging and brand identity Bravo Foods is ready for the future.

The’old’ Tosya Pirinc packaging