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Marielle Bordewijk in news paper NRC

By Food Design & Packaging, Food Trend & Inspiration

Marielle Bordewijk was interviewed about her work as a food trendwatcher. The famous `Dutch’ newspaper NRC asked her about her way of working and expecations for 2014.

In ‘2014 we will revalue the healthy superfood and budgetfriendly coles. They will make a comeback the coming years’. Another trend Marielle Bordewijk mentioned ‘We will re-invent chips. Kale chips, seaweed chips, radish chips and chips made from lentils and chickpeas will replace more and more the fat and carbo rich potato chips.’ But Marielle emphasized that the trends are important to watch but her main activity is to translate these into new products, packaging, brands and resturant/ shop formula’s.

food trend watcher Bordewijk NRC

New packaging for sheep milk yoghurt

By Food Concept & Brands, Food Design & Packaging

New packaging for sheep milk brand Bongastate! Marielle Bordewijk developed a new brand story about modern herder ship. In the logo there is now a clear herder recognizable, who leads the sheep. The yoghurt has a beautiful, soft and creamy flavor. To communicate this softness, a grey-green tint has been chosen to be the main color of the packaging. The subtle use of color contributes to the natural and artisanal character of the product. Read more about Bongastate.

Verpakkingsontwerp schapenyoghurt Bongastate

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Food designer Marielle Bordewijk designs and develops products, concepts and brands in food. For big and small food companies in production, retail and food service.