Food trends 2016

Wat Are we going to eat and drink in 2016? Food trendwatcher Marielle Bordewijk shares 5 trends for coming year.


Trend 1 #Indochine cuisine

Next to the Vietnamese cuisine other less known kitchens from this part of the world will be explored. In San Franciso one can already enjoy Birmese tea leaf salad, Cambodian noodles and fried insect snacks from Laos. It is interesting to see that many eastern trend travel via the West (America) to Europe.

Trend 2 #California cuisine

This fusion kitchen is well known for its use of local, California ingredients. It is a light and low fat cuisine with influences from France, Japan, Mexico, Italy and China. Nowadays more and more is experimented with fermentation e.g. the Fermentation base of restaurant/ shop Shed.

Trend 3 #Relax drinks and sleep well snacks

Sleep and rest are rare in our 24/7 economy. There is a growing market for foods an drinks that can help us to relax and unwind e.g. bedtime teas, relax drinks and evening snacks. As more and more people practice yoga, the connected Ayurvedic kitchen gets more and more believers.

Trend 4 #Birch water and sugar

After the coconut water tend birch water will be the healthy drink 2016. Als birch sugar will be more popular as it is lower in calories, good for teeth and less increasing blood sugar levels than regular sugar.

Trend 5 #Special Leafs

There wil come a more variety of leafs in our kitchen. Just butter salad is so 1990! Today we will use green, purple, yellow, red and white leafs. Flat, curled, springy, soft and spicy. Wasabi rucola, baby kale and sesame leafs will show up on our salads and smoothies. They will also be used as a wrapper.’ Ssam style’ as it is called in Korea.

More food trends 2016?

These five are a selection of a much longer list. Curious to all other food trends 2016, please contact Marielle Bordewijk for a trend consult.

Birmese keuken theeblad salade

Food trend 1: Indochine cuisine

Picture bar Tartine, food trend Californian cuisine

Food trend 2016: Californian cuisine, bar Tartine

Fermentatie food trend

Food trend 2016: Californian cuisine, fermentation bar Shed

food trend Berk water packaging design

Food trend: Birch water